So What Can A Trade Exchange Do For My Business?

Don't Just Survive... THRIVE!  

There is no need to pay CASH for what you need when you can TRADE for it.  VENDVANA is your local trade exchange and our membership based community helps connect you with things you need like marketing, advertising, pest control, physical therapy, landscaping and don't forget the cookies! Our list is ever growing.

Sell your extra goods and services for VEND Trade Credit. Use your earned VEND Trade Credit to buy things you need for your business and personal lifestyle.  So if you are ready to save your cash and pay in trade... join the hive today!

Why It Works

It’s unBEElievably simple! Vendvana is a third party record keeper just like a bank and credit card company. When you join Vendvana, you get a trade account, which is much like your business checking account at your bank except that deposits and payments to your trade account are made with Trade Credit (which we call VEND Trade Credit) instead of cash that you use in the vast Vendvana network. Thus one VEND Trade Credit = one cash dollar. Sell your unused capacity, excess inventory or potentially wasted production to a new market of buyers in the Vendvana trade exchange and then use your new found revenue from those sales to pay for purchases of goods and services you need. Your cash savings goes right to the bottom line, increasing your cash on hand and your liquidity. 

Unlike direct trading, Vendvana members enjoy multi-party trading, so that when you provide your product or service, you are not limited to receiving the product or service of the person or company you traded with. Your Personal Concierge can assist you in facilitating your ongoing multi-party trades, which are called Trade Circles (see example below). Best of all, you can buy and sell through 24/7 access to the entire hive via your mobile/desktop device. 

With your membership, in addition to your cash checking account at your bank, you will also have your Vendvana trade  account. Each time you spend VEND TRade Credit instead of cash for the products and services you need, you conserve cash. Also, we will refer new business to you from new customers that you most probably would never have had. Additionally, it's common for trade exchange members to receive new cash customers from referrals outside the network that are directly generated from their exposure within the network. Most businesses that join the Vendvana trade exchange can anticipate gaining 15% to 20% in additional new sales from collective referrals. 

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