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? Gift Certificates Email concierge@vendvana.com or text 623.3037737 to claim at 100% trade.

W9 and Trading Rules | Members, we updated our Trading Rules for 2021 and ask all of our members to review, sign and submit at their earliest convivence.  W9 and T&C's Too! | Easily submit signed W9's or T&C's.  Simply click on the button below that fits your needs and submit!

Got Questions? Email: concierge@vendvana.com | Text: 623.3037737

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The Vendvana Marketplace is your main destination.  You can access your account and the trade network 24/7 via your mobile/desktop devices.  Once logged in you can:

Meet Fellow Members

?Doing business with professionals we know and trust is what it's all about!  Enjoy these Local Buzz's and get to know fellow members!  Interested in doing a Local Buzz about you and your business?  Schedule your video chat here.  

Join all of our virtual calls via 8x8

?Click on the link here: https://8x8.vc/uncorkedm/met
?Allow 8x8 to use your mic & camera
?To join meeting type in the name you want to display on screen
?Click join meeting

Vendvana Community Private Facebook Group 

Time to Connect, Network, Trade, Grow, and BEE Social!  Our Facebook community is designed to give members a place to buy/sell goods and services on trade, network with like-minded professionals, promote special events and giving back opportunities, while helping to elevate the community that we love to call home.  

Below are the steps to join:

Step 1 | Accept the friend request from Fern Rivers (If you have not received a friend request from Fern please email concierge@vendvana.com.)

Step 2 | Once the friend request is accepted, we will send you an invite to join the Vendvana Community Group page.

Step 3 | Check your Facebook notifications and click Join Vendvana Community

Step 4 | Read the Group Rules from The Admins under the about Section

Got Questions? Email: concierge@vendvana.com | Text: 623.3037737

It's A Win/Win Referral Program 

Doing business with like minded professionals is what Vendvana's selective collective is all about!  Help us build the hive with professionals you trust.

Have your referral sign up online at vendvana.com and input your name in the Referred By section. Once the new member is approved you get $100 Vend Dollars and they get $50 Vend Dollars.

?Process 100% Trade Transaction: The seller has control over what offerings they want to perform with Vendvana members at 100% trade.  If a member reaches out for work not listed on the marketplace, the seller and the buyer can agree to do the work at 100% trade (at full retail value) or offer to do the work for cash.

Do I Collect Cash? The buyer pay sales tax, gratuities and shipping/handling in cash. These parts of the transaction are the responsibility of the seller and are facilitated outside of Vendvana. Always charge and collect any cash owed from the buyer up front and before shipping an item. And remember to keep depositing into your Relationship Bank by always tipping well.

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