Don't just take it from us... hear it from our members! During our videos calls we share shout outs for business well done. This video highlights one of our members who has helped numerous members with trimming trees, termite treatments and pest control. 


The masseur (from a Spa Member) was amazing. He used several techniques for my specific issues which I loved and gave me great results. I also really liked the salt feature and all the benefits you can get from it.

M. Williams
VENDVANA Member - Health Products


Great experience. Exceptional value. Wonderful barter organization! You won't be disappointed.

Dr. Nancy 



It’s been a big help!  I can buy things that I wouldn’t normally be able to as a new business.

Troy M. 


I consider VENDVANA as my savings account.  I use my saved trade dollars to buy things that I wouldn’t normally be able to.

T. Mathews 

Home Services


All I can say is wow... Troy and his crew did an amazing job on my home landscaping and now my front yard looks amazing! 

Manny C.
Promotional Products


I found Jordon to be wonderful to work with. Suffering from sciatica these past couple months during the pandemic has been extremely uncomfortable and painful. Jordon and his mobile physical therapy practice came to my home.  He walked me through a series of exercises to build targeted muscles to take the pressure off certain areas. Jordon is very thorough and professional. Due to the virus, he took precautions and came masked and sanitized his equipment.  I’m very pleased that the exercises are working and highly recommend Jordon.

VENDVANA Member - Gift Baskets


I really appreciate the opportunity of presenting at Vendvana's weekly Mastermind.  As a result of that presentation, I booked an appointment for Nutritional Counseling for next week. Yeah!

Karen J.



I always enjoy the Vendvana video calls.  I learn so much & I'm just looking forward to growing & meeting more people & expanding my relationships.  Thank you all!

Kathy K. 
Windshield Repair


I gave coffee time gift baskets to a few of my clients for the holidays & they liked the hand beaded spoons in the basket as much as they liked the coffee!

T. Mathews 

 Home Services


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