The Bees Knees!

Did you know in the peak of summer, a colony of honey bees can be made up of over 50,000 “members” in one hive? All members of the same community, from queen bees to worker bees, offering constant communication and naturally working together in harmony to achieve a common goal.  This same ability to build, support, and organize to achieve success is the foundation of who we are. 

Our Purpose

To become the leader in helping people prosper and positively impact their community.

The Collective 

We provide a trade exchange marketplace and collaborative community to members with access to new customers, stronger cash flow, and increased buying power. Vendvana's growing network includes a collective of some of the top entrepreneurs, creatives, dreamers and startups who are all growing their business through trading. 

Our Founder

Mary Ellen Twohey

Founded by Mary Ellen Twohey, whose hands on experience as a business owner of a successful digital advertising agency, chamber of commerce member, and an involved citizen in her community, inspired the vision for Vendvana. From her wedding to vacations, business expenses to home repairs, Mary Ellen’s network of passionate professionals have been trading their expertise with one another to support each other’s dreams for many years.  This personal experience has taught her the value, efficiencies, and positive impact that occurs when we come together.


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